Trades Norwest Anglican Senior College


  • Students: Co-Educational
  • Years: Year 10 - Year 12
  • Founded: 2008
  • Current Enrolments: 80

Key Personnel

Mrs Gaynor MacKinnon

Council Chairman:
Mr John Watson

Contact Details

 1000 Old Windsor Road
 Glenwood NSW 2768


(02) 8008 1300

Fax: (02) 8814 6986

Trades Norwest Anglican Senior College is a co-educational senior trade College which offers an alternative model to traditional schools. Students can learn in an innovative project based environment in Years 10, 11 and 12, start their trade career, complete the first year of an Apprenticeship/traineeship by the time they finish Year 12 and get their HSC with no external HSC exams.

Trades Norwest Anglican Senior College aims to equip students with the skills they need to start a successful trade career. All students will do a common HSC program of study that is designed to enrich their understanding and skills in literacy, numeracy, work readiness, computing and business. This project-based learning covers English Studies, General Mathematics 1, Computing Applications and VET Business Services as well as their trade course. None of these subjects require students to sit for an external HSC exam. Our classroom program is based on a flexible delivery model, with teachers working with individuals to meet their needs as they study at the pace that is appropriate for good progress.

Students at Trades Norwest will also gain valuable work readiness for the trade environment. They will receive training in First Aid, White Card, resume writing and financial literacy. Most of our teachers and trainers have extensive industry experience and a trade background and so are able to mentor the students as they prepare for working in a trade.Students work with an employer as an apprentice or trainee part time (usually 2 days per week in term time and full time during school holidays) then rotate back to the College for trade training and HSC study for the rest of the week during term time. Upon graduation, Year 12 students are awarded an HSC, will have completed the first year of their apprenticeship and then move onto their second year of their trade training.

The College has specialist facilities in Carpentry, Electrotechnology and Automotive and an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) which provides accreditation for Carpentry and Electrotechnology. The Master Plumbers Association will train plumbing students at their training premises at Auburn, and the Motor Traders Association will provide trainers who will train students at the College. All other trades can be studied through local TAFE Colleges.

Students are free to arrange their own apprenticeship. However, the College will assist students with finding appropriate work experience, and this will hopefully lead to an offer of an apprenticeship.

The College caters for:

  • Students who have a passion for a particular trade and want to enter an Apprenticeship/Traineeship while they study the HSC.
  • Students who know they want to follow a trade, but are not sure which one.
  • Students who want to study vocational subjects but who do not want to pursue an Apprenticeship/Traineeship.

The College is part of the Anglican Schools Corporation, and so is a Christian school in the Anglican tradition. The College program will therefore provide students with the opportunity to explore Christianity and to gain an understanding of how the Christian faith can provide them with a strong basis for their life after school and in the trade environment. The College Chaplain also has a trade background.

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