Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision
Serving Christ By Equipping Students For His World

Established in 1947, a key goal of the  Anglican Schools Corporation is to establish and operate efficient and, strategically located Anglican schools offering quality education, which is financially accessible to local communities while communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to students, staff, parents and the wider community.

Our Mission
To Provide Affordable Quality Christian Education

Anglican Schools are an important element in the mission of the diocese. They provide an opportunity to bring the Gospel to many thousands of young people. Each school aims to provide a high quality education in a caring, Christian environment.

Anglican Schools Corporation seeks to provide quality, affordable education to local communities. An important aspect of the Corporation's activities is to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, encouraging students to consider a Christian worldview.

Our Objectives

Anglican Schools Corporation has maintained steady growth and development by building a reputation of academic excellence, pastoral care of students, and for developing the whole child across the many schools under the Corporation's 'umbrella'. Fundamental to this growth and continued success has been a focus on the following key objectives:

  • To provide high quality education within a Christian worldview shaped by the Bible
  • To communicate in word and deed the gospel of Jesus Christ to students, staff, parents and the wider community
  • To provide education that is financially accessible to local communities
  • To operate the Corporation efficiently and safely
  • To grow the Corporation.