Our Policies

Recognising The Intrinsic Worth Of The Individual

In 2007, the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney adopted a new Policy Statement on Education in which a Christian approach to education is described as one that is deeply informed by a biblical theology and worldview.

Within the Policy, education that is Christian affirms the intrinsic worth of the individual, recognises God as the source of all knowledge and purpose, encourages study in an atmosphere of inquiry, recognises that all learning has moral and social dimensions, and promotes the study of the Bible as the written word of God, revealing the unique place of Jesus Christ as God's Son.

The education provided in an Anglican school is characterised by intellectual rigour, openness to ideas and debate, mutual respect, and good citizenship as members of the Australian and international community. Anglican schools have a respect for history and tradition as well as a strong commitment to the future.

For more information, the full text of the Policy Statement can be read on the Anglican Education Commission website, www.aec.edu.au