Board of Directors

The Role of the Board is to direct the affairs of the Corporation in accordance with the Ordinance. As the Board, in isolation does not have the immediate resources to conduct the Corporation's affairs, the Board delegates some of its powers to School Council and to the CEO.

In general, the Board retains the ultimate responsibility and accountability within the Corporation for the activities of the Corporation. For the Board to give effect to its policies, goals, and strategies, however, it delegates certain responsibilities and a level of accountability to the School Councils (and the CEO) to implement particular policies, goals and strategies. In turn, School Councils, while retaining overall responsibility and accountability to the Board for that which the Board has delegated to them, further delegate particular responsibilities and a level of accountability to Principals.

For the Board to achieve its goals, it needs to communicate them clearly to School Councils and to the CEO. The Board also advises School Councils and the CEO of limitations upon the way in which they may operate to achieve those goals. These limitations are all clearly documented.

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